The Adult Band Experience will be structured much like the 10-Month Rockers program in terms of learning to research and rehearse songs selected by the group.

We will provide the PA equipment, amps, cords, and microphones needed to operate in rehearsals and live performances. In addition, drum kits (except breakables) and keyboards will be made available. Otherwise, musicians will need to bring their own instruments. The Immersed In Music staff will facilitate the adult band in working together, guiding everyone through the process of learning and mastering songs.

For an additional fee, our staff will facilitate organizing and overseeing the same kind of studio experience and song production that the kids’ programs provide. IIM staff will also help the group with band promotion and booking. Once the band has mastered enough songs and has set up bookings, IIM staff will help the adult band run the live performances.

The Adult Band program will begin in late September, as long as there is an enrollment of the minimum of four (4) people. The program will operate one evening per week for two (2) hours. It can be scheduled later in the evening (perhaps after children’s bedtimes), if that is what is preferable to band members. This can be worked out in conjunction with the instructor(s).

The cost for the program will be $125 per person per month if the band has four (4) members and $100 per person per month if there are five (5) or more in the program.

For more information on how to register, please contact Rick Batley, Wade Corbin, or Habiba Miller:, 717-592-0138, (717) 525-4334, 717-579-9052