Wade is a professional musician with more than twenty five years of on-the-road experience. He has spent his career performing across the country, at one point averaging 250-plus shows a year. From hard rock to soft jazz, Wade has recorded with dozens of artists. Having handled almost every aspect of the business, he knows the ins-and-outs of the behind-the-scenes organizational aspects of booking, promotion, and management.

Although deciding to take a few years off from touring, Wade has continued to perform regionally in over 100-plus shows a year. After settling in the Harrisburg area, he began teaching his trade at Dales Drum Shop, with more than forty students a week. Well versed in various styles and techniques, he teaches a variety of ages at different skill levels. Along with starting a youth program for challenged students, Wade recently begun developing a program based around musical therapy, specifically with stroke victims and similar students.

For Wade music is much more than a career choice. Whether teaching, performing, writing or recording, music is a passion by which he governs his life.