The Immersed in Music staff draws on the broad and varied backgrounds of seven instructors, all of whom have played and recorded in bands, as well as taught students in individual and group situations. Their resumes span a period of 35 years and include working with local, regional and well known musicians and technicians in the industry. In addition, the staff collectively has over 75 years of experience teaching students of different ages and ability levels, in many varied settings.

Rick Batley
Instructor, guitar and vocals
Co-founder of Immersed in Music
Rick Stevens
Instructor, keyboards
Co-founder of Immersed in Music
Habiba Miller
Instructor, vocals
  Programs Manager for Immersed in Music
Dave Kelly
Instructor, guitar
Recording Engineer
WadeCorbin_percussion instructor
Wade Corbin
Instructor, drums and percussion


image of Kryie George, Digital Media instructor for Immersed In Musice
Kyrie George
Instructor, Digital Media