musical notes on wavey staff lines
Image designed by Starline / Freepik.
Designed by Starline / Freepik

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This small group class is open to any musician interested in learning the basics of music theory. Students eight years and older are welcome to explore this mysterious world with Brandon Reece, our Rockers and Young Rockers instructor.The 8-week, 45 minute class will be held on Mondays. The specific time will be arranged based on the schedules of the instructor and students. Participants do not need to have a primary instrument, although it will help.

Students will learn the fundamental music theory concepts of time signatures, note values, names, and symbols, as well as the basics of all forms of written music (notated sheet, charts and tabs).

The cash price for the class will be $350 for non IIM students and $300 for existing IIM students.

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For more information, please contact:, 717-592-0138, (717) 525-4334, 717-579-9052