Camela Widad Kraemer
Camela Widad Kraemer

Camela Widad is a singer-songwriter who has toured the US for over 20 years, earned a BA in Theatre, trained in Live Stage Performance techniques, and has 25 years of songwriting under her belt. Her roots began with her Dad’s vinyl collection of Patsy Cline, The Everly Brothers, and Roy Orbison, which she couldn’t get enough of while growing up in a small town in Southern Wisconsin. Years later she ended up at a cabaret, singing covers with a live band, and found training that combined the athleticism of singing rock and pop with the stable roots of classical voice.

A vocalist from a young age, Camela (said like Pamela with a ‘C’) struggled with voice loss early on and then with a rigorous touring schedule, singing 2-3 hours every night – that is, until she found a vocal training that helped her to clear the tension, relax into “her voice,” and eliminate vocal habits that don’t sustain long term use.

Camela has released 5 albums and came back to her Americana roots in 2014 with Warriors of Love, which released to critical acclaim. No Depression magazine named her as “a voice with clear resonance and deep roots-oriented discipline.” Remo Ricaldone of American Roots Radio Italy called her “a troubadour that deserves attention.” Camela was also a 2015 Emerging Artist with the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival/Grassy Hill.

Camela has maintained a thriving private vocal coaching practice in Central PA for 10 years, teaching a style of Contemporary Voice rooted in honoring each person’s natural voice. If students are young, they go slow, having fun with learning songs, the importance of breath work, alignment, and the basics of melody and harmony. When students are older and their voice box matures, they work more assertively, with safe exercises rooted in strengthening the structure and function of the voice box. Then we can discover if and when they are ready for more “athletic” styles of singing Contemporary Music and safe ways they can sing them right now.

Camela is ecstatic to work with IIM students and be a part of the Immersed In Music team.