Alex Valsing
Alex Valsing

Alex started playing bass in Londonderry School’s 5th/6th grade band program. He wanted an excuse to play more, so at 12 years old, he was excited to join Immersed In Music for the very first year of the Rockers program in 2013.

He continued to play in IIM throughout his years at Londonderry School. Alex’s first band was “Look Out For the Train,” which changed some band members but maintained a core group for three years through those changes.

During his third year in IIM, Alex studied Music Theory with Rick Batley, which woke up something inside him and sparked a love for theory that has consumed his whole life! With Rick’s help, he was accepted into the Capital Area School for the Arts (CASA) for high school. With the combination of theory, playing every day at CASA, and playing in three bands his third year in IIM, Alex became a much better musician really quickly. Alex’s final Immersed In Music band, The Watergate, went out on their own after three years and took IIM’s Master Class to expand their band business.

During his third year, Alex also bridged into playing in a band as a student mentor. This was something completely new for him, but it was fun to be there and help out however he could, so if that meant teaching, then he would learn to teach. And so he did, then went on to be an assistant teacher in the Young Rockers and Rockers programs, as well as in the summer camps. Alex also took IIM’s sound engineering programs and has helped to run the live sound for shows and assist with the recording and mixing for the annual compilation CDs. He assisted with equipment management, and pretty much anything else that was needed, and came to be called “The Rock” among the staff.

Alex now teaches private lessons for guitar and bass students, and is much loved by his protégés.