pic collage of classes offered, such as cajon beat, Song Writing, FUN-damental Guitar, Studio Engineering, FUN-damental Singing, Sound Engineering, FUN-damental Drumming, Music Business, and Presence in Performance.

Immersed In Music offers a variety of classes in sound engineering, recording, music business, songwriting, and targeted enrichment that cover all levels of ability and as many areas of interest as we can to support young musicians and sound artists in further developing their skills and abilities. In all classes, we teach students (8 years and older) how to create in a small group setting, experiencing the enjoyment, challenges and growth that occur as a result of communicating, sharing and learning with other students. Classes are hosted at Londonderry School, 1800 Bamberger Road, Harrisburg, PA with the exception of Studio Engineering.

For 2018-2019, the following classes are available:

Introduction to Music Theory

Song Writing — Co-Writing

Live Sound Engineering — Level 1

Live Sound Engineering — Level 2

Studio Engineering