Week 2 9/28/16

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How much does it cost to start a band?

We welcomed several new band members this week with a smooth transition. Young Rockers continued to work on their individual parts and were able to put together the first verse of their first song. Rockers 1&2 continued work on their first song and also learned the proper way to set up and tear down equipment. Rockers 3 bands were hard at work on songs and began to explore possibilities for future song choices – looking at places where their musical tastes converge and where they differ. Meanwhile, Rockers 4 bands began work on their first original songs.

Music business class took a close look at how bands make their money. This week’s homework: How much does it cost to start a band? Students will research equipment costs and rehearsal space to come up with an answer for next week. Sound Engineering students spent some time learning how to take the bands’ great performances and make them sound as clear as possible to audiences. This week they learned to understand the effects rack, mic-ing instruments and how to identify and eliminate feedback frequencies.