Week 19 2/1/17

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Next Phase in the studio begins. . .

The Level 3’s&4’s are now starting on 3 days each week in the studio. They will rehearse on Mondays at school and then spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday recording at least 2 songs each in the studio. All but “eflecting Pool have settled on covers because of their frustrations with writing originals. After their 3 days, they will return to rehearsals and then return to the studio after the Rockers 1’s&2’s finish in mid-April. This will give them the opportunity to record either a 3rd cover or an original.

Charlemagne went first this week. They added a new keyboardist 3 weeks ago and he has really rounded out their sound. He has been a fast study and was ready to record. They were able to record drums and bass the first night and got much of the rest of their songs by Thursday!

Back at school, the other two Level 3 bands had breakthroughs in their songwriting and are getting close to finalizing  music structure and lyrics for them. They also prepped the 2 covers they will record during the next two weeks.