Week 1

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Hello everyone! We had a great week and all of the teachers were very impressed.  They kids started out being grouped, had a quick bit to eat and then moved into rhythm class.  After the 15 or so minutes (because they did awesome) they moved onto their mini class, some of the kids went to a class on booking their show, some when to CD Prep, some to basic sound set up and the rest went to Load in and Set up.  Those classes took up most of the first hour by the start of the second hour we challenged the kids to complete either a verse or a chorus.  MOST of the kids did WAY MORE.  A lot of the issues of communication we had last year were not present this year.  ALL of the kids jelled so well and there were only normal hick ups with communication.  We just want to say a big thank you to everyone for working so hard!

See you all tomorrow!