Two Weeks to Go Until We Get Underway!

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The excitement is building as we approach the start of Immersed in Music’s sixth year! There are still a few spaces available in both Rockers and Young Rockers Courses, as well as some of the many classes.

All Rockers students should have downloaded their song options by now and begun learning the song of their choice. They may use any option available to them to learn their song for Placements. Using Internet tutorials, working with their individual instructor, referencing the downloaded materials, and just listening to the song and figuring out their part are all acceptable (and encouraged!) options.

The staff will be looking to see how each student approaches the learning process, as well as how well they play the song during Placements. All this ends up being good information for the staff to learn the ways in which each student learns, thus giving the staff a chance to understand the best approaches to take when working with the students throughout the year.