“The Penguin Apocalypse” Hits the Ground Running as Rockers Level Bands Begin Picking Third Songs

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Rockers band “The Penguin Apocalypse” hit the ground running out of the gate as Henry, Nate, Quinn, and Lilia have bonded quickly. Although Quinn was out sick the first week, the other three picked their first two songs and texted them to him so he could get started and be ready for the next week.

Several of them had prepared “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys as their placement song, so that helped jump start the process of putting that song together. They also quickly recognized that the key they had practiced was difficult for Lilia to sing, so they transposed it to fit her voice. They also decided that Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” would be fun, so that became song choice number two. By the fourth week of rehearsals, the band had a rough version of both songs and began to discuss what their third song would be.

Nate was new to Immersed In Music this past summer, bringing his energetic drum style to the Rockers Camp. He has continued this enthusiasm with his fiery percussion work on the Fall Out Boy song. Quinn is challenging himself to play both chord and bass parts on the keys for all songs this year, providing a solid bottom end in lieu of an actual bass player. Henry’s guitar parts are carrying the rhythm harmonies, and Lilia is singing beautifully.

Henry, Lilia, and Quinn have all been in Immersed In Music for several years, with each of them starting in Young Rockers and/or Summer Camps. Lilia took two years off to pursue other interests, but came back this September and is having a ball as she relaxes into her role fronting the band.

The other Rocker bands are continuing to fine tune their first two songs and, although they are achieving success at different rates, they are all getting ready to pick their third song. This accelerated schedule will also lead them to be prepared for December live shows and January recording dates.

As we have outlined in previous posts, band members need to chart out their parts and the overall band outline for each of the songs that they plan to record. Engineers in the studio need to have specific reference materials for each song, so they will be prepared to do their best work when the musicians start laying down their individual tracks. We will detail more about this process as we get closer to recording session time.