Rescheduling today’s sessions

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Due to the expected snow and ice later today, we are rescheduling today’s rehearsals, classes and studio session.

Regular rehearsals and the performance class are rescheduled for this Thursday 2/18:
2:00pm:  Presence in Performance class
3:30pm:  Mango Marauders
3:45pm:  Silver Chains
4:30pm:  Look Out for the Train
5:00pm:  Six Friends
5:15pm:  Forever In Denial

Forgotten Souls’ first studio session will be next Tuesday 2/23, and we will work with everyone’s schedules to add another session in the coming weeks to make up for today’s missed session.
The Digital Media class will be rescheduled as well, date tbd.  (However, the DM staff meeting is still happening at 3pm!)

Stay safe and warm!