Progress Even When Band Members Are Out!

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Quite a few IIM students were out sick this week, forcing their bands to practice with fewer than the regular members. In spite of this, rehearsals went very well!

One of the interesting things about practicing without all band members present is that those who are there get to hear their songs differently. This can be very helpful to the overall experience because the students uncover mistakes that may not of been obvious before. Breaking down the material into simpler sections also allows members to fine tune sections of a song that they might need to tighten up.

Both Young Rockers bands had fewer members and ended up working on the basic rhythms of their songs. Each student had their individual parts memorized, but needed work with playing together. Staff had them counting the timing of their songs, then marching to them, then singing while they marched. When they went back to playing their instruments, it went much better!