Orbit Goes to a Whole New Level and Mid-Year Shows Are Next Week

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Last year, the Rockers band Orbit came together as a combination of members from several different IIM bands from the previous year. With Dakota leaving for college and Nick concentrating on his high school running career, Orbit has transformed again.

Revolution’s Maddy took over the drum throne and Watergate’s keyboardist Graham has joined his brother Jack (bass), Ella and Yusuf (vocals), and Madison (guitar) to take Orbit to a whole new level of musicianship and professionalism.

They spent the first several weeks helping Maddy and Graham learn, and in some cases rearrange, songs from last year’s set list, then quickly began adding new material by Rex Orange County and Muse.

They’ve also decided to challenge themselves to add Boston’s epic “More Than A Feeling.” Habiba has been working with them to expand their vocal capabilities to add Madison, Graham, and Jack singing harmonies with Ella and Yusuf. The plan is to have this ready to take into the recording studio in January.

IIM will be showcasing Orbit, along with all the rest of this year’s fantastic bands next Monday and Tuesday evenings, December 16 and 17, at 6:30 p.m. on the Londonderry School stage.

Monday night, the stage will be lit up by Young Rockers – Open Windows, Advanced Young Rockers – Intergalactical, and Rockers – This Band Has No Name, The Penguin Apocalypse, and Black Bandits. Tuesday night will feature Young Rockers – Rodeo Kittens In A Coffee Mug, Advanced Young Rockers – 4 Times The Fun, Drum Ensemble – The Bucket Brigade, and Rockers – Wingspan and Orbit.

You’ve been reading about all these incredible bands for the past two months.  Now is your chance to come out and see them for yourself. Make plans to experience the results of the hard work and fun that these young musicians have put into their sets!

See you at the shows!!