New Students Are Joining Individual Lessons

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New students have recently signed up for Individual Lessons at Immersed In Music, with the last few months seeing a significant increase in new guitar, bass, vocal, and piano students coming into our program.

Individual lessons at Immersed In Music are a year round opportunity that is always adding both beginning and experienced students. Camela Kraemer (vocals), Rick Stevens (piano), and Titus Irvin (guitar and bass) all take a very hands on, individualized approach to teaching their instrument. The lessons combine classic theory and skills with playful experimentation and encouragement so that each student learns how to play the styles of music they love.

Camela and Rick have been teaching vocals and piano, respectively, for decades and have passed on both the skills and the love for their individual fields of study. Their students have gone on to higher levels of musical study, armed with the abilities they have developed with them. Titus is newer to teaching, but brings a fresh, knowledgeable passion to his guitar and bass instruction. His students love the connection they feel with him and move quickly as a result of his commitment to them.

For students interested in playing drums, Immersed In Music also offers FUNdamental Drumming half-day, week-long summer camp options. These are taught by Wade Corbin, IIM’s drumming instructor, who also teaches and supervises the drum instructors at Dale’s Drum Shop of Harrisburg, PA.

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