Music Being Distributed This Weekend

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Orientations are now completed, although Immersed in Music will continue to accept applications throughout the next few weeks for any course or class that still has space. With Orientations finished, Rockers students will be turning their attention to preparing for their Placements, which will happen on Monday and Tuesday, September 10 and 11.

Placements are a time when anyone wanting to be in a Rockers Prep or Rockers Course demonstrates to the staff their level of proficiency on their chosen instrument. All students wishing to be in one of those courses has two weeks to learn one of four songs to the best of their ability. Each student is given a 20-minute block of time to answer a few questions from the staff and play the song they chose.

This time is not an “audition.” Rather, it is an opportunity to demonstrate what they know in order for the staff to place them into a band with peers of similar ability levels, thereby maximizing their opportunity for enjoyment and musical success.

This year’s choices include songs by Shawn Mendes, Paramore, Magic, and Selena Gomez.

Let the challenges begin!!