IIM Bands Light Up December Nights With Rockin’ Performances

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Featuring five different bands each show, on Monday and Tuesday nights this week, Immersed In Music highlighted the power of rock music in the hands of young musicians.

The Band With No Name kicked off Monday night with their versions of Skillet’s “Invincible,” Foo Fighter’s “The Sky Is the Neighborhood,” and Eve 6’s “Inside Out.” Eli shone with his powerful vocals, as Jonathan on guitar and Aidan on bass followed Kegan’s solid drumming.

The Penguin Apocalypse was up next with Lilia on vocals, Quinn on Keys, Henry on guitar, and Nate on drums. They also have a brand new band member, Dom, who just started adding second vocal parts last week, gearing up for harmonies when they go into the studio. The band tore through”Sugar We’re Goin’ Down,” “All Apologies,” and “People Are Strange.” The Rembrandt’s “I’ll Be There For You” was the highlight of their set as the band paid homage to the iconic “Friends” theme song, which served as a symbol of the camaraderie this band shares.

Young Rockers Open Windows’ Bella, Harper, Zoe, and Willow had their first experience in an IIM show and bounced through The Ramones’“Blitzkrieg Bop” and “Happier” by Marshmello.

The Advanced Young Rockers Intergalactical’s Josie and Nora shone on vocals in front of Ben, Joseph, and Oliver, as they tackled Selena Gomez’s “Wolves,” Sabrina Carpenter’s “Wildside,” and One Direction’s “Story of My Life.”

The Black Bandits closed the show on Monday with a rousing set that included “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “So What,” ”Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Father of Mine,” and the highlight closer from last year’s end of year shows, “TNT.”

Tuesday night began with Young Rockers Rodeo Kittens In A Coffee Mug doing “Hey Soul Sister” and “Old Town Road.” Throughout their set, it was obvious how much fun Samantha, Sabina, and brothers Lucas and Chris have on stage.

4 Times The Fun lived up to their name as they performed their versions of “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and “Moves Like Jagger,” by Maroon 5. This is a band to watch in the future as Grace on vocals, Amalie and Eddie trading off on drums and keys, and Zachary on bass are developing into a powerhouse band.

Wingspan rocked the house next with versions of “Breed,” “Boys,” “Love Her Madly,” and “Dani California.” Yusuf on vocals, along with Evan on guitar and backing vocals, led Paige on bass, Aiden on keys, and Jonathan and Alex switching off on guitars and drums, through a force of nature performance!

The Bucket Brigade, this year’s Drum Ensemble, featured Michael, Luis, Eli, Thomas, and Evan taking the evening’s show in a whole different direction. Using only drumsticks and plastic buckets turned upside down, these talented drummers showcased their fantastic rhythm skills and created a soundscape of interwoven beats that had the crowd mesmerized.

Then Orbit hit the stage and showed off their new line up and a setlist that combined the best of last year’s songs and this year’s additions. Highlights included “Jenny Was A Friend of Mine,” a retooled “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “Sunflower,” “Hysteria,”0 and “More Than a Feeling.” This band is really going somewhere and the crowd showed their appreciation, as they brought the night to a raucous close.