Everyone Is Excited To Get Back To Work

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Sound Engineering students and Studio Engineering students joined recording engineer Jay Kirssin this week at Progressive Studios to learn how to set up drums, instruments, and microphones. He gave them an orientation of the recording equipment and explained the practical applications for the classroom work many of them have been doing since September.

Several new students are also joining the Engineering crew and, after some basic preparation back at the school with Rick Batley, they will get their introduction to the recording process as well. There is still space for one or two students in the four-month Studio Engineering class. Please contact us this week if you or someone you know wants to be part of this amazing opportunity.

Young Rockers bands returned to rehearsals and started work on their third songs. It was another chance to learn how to work together:  making suggestions, listening to each others’ favorite music, voting, and choosing instruments.

Rockers and Rockers Prep bands were hard at work refining the songs they plan to record. Rockers Prep bands only do one song as part of their experience, and PurpleGreenEctoplasmDucksFromMars has decided to do Fall Out Boys’ “Uma Thurman.” Rockers band, The Breads, has had to make adjustments to their choices because their lead singer unexpectedly had to move out of state. We’re all hoping she will be able to return later in the semester to perform at the end of year shows. For now though, they are reworking songs to accommodate new vocalists from within the existing band. (We always say IIM is a real life music program, and this kind of change happens all the time in the life of bands. Learning how to adjust to changes like this becomes part of their education.)