Even with missing parts – the show goes on!

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With the rescheduling of rehearsals due to the snow on Tuesday, we had some folks unable to make it on Thursday, but even with a lighter crew it was a very productive day!  Pangea, without Noah J to play keys, had Jackson, the drummer, jump in to surprise us all with picking out the first lines of the songs so the vocalists could work on refining their parts. Forgotten Souls was missing half their band – Caroline on vocals, Alex on bass, and Noah S on guitar – and yet they kicked in and worked through their songs, and did them well! Sonar, missing Hanna to lead vocals, had Eli, the bassist, and Ella, the keyboardist, step up to carry the melodies, until vocal instructor Habiba stepped in to assist the band in working out some harmonies and timing (and Yusuf from Pangea came in to sing for a bit as well). Then, as Habiba continued with Sonar, Rick Stevens had Pangea and Forgotten Souls perform for each other.  It was another great “real life band” experience for them all…  Even with missing parts, the show goes on!  :)

In the studio, the Mango Marauders had the framework for their songs done last week (only missing the vocals, which are to be recorded in April), so they had the opportunity to explore new sound textures, adding some additional percussion, synth and steel guitar to their original songs.  It was a very exciting session!  On Wednesday, Forever in Denial laid bass and guitar parts.  They still have some guitar and vocals to record in April.

Next week, we start in the studio with Rockers 1&2 bands!  And regular rehearsals go on as well…