Classes, Lessons, Young Rockers, and Advanced Young Rockers Making Great Progress, Too

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As the Rockers bands continue their hard work in the studio, the Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers have continued to make great progress at their rehearsals. Both Young Rockers bands are now in the process of adding new songs to their repertoire and having lots of fun as they try out other new instruments.

After much discussion, Open Windows chose Niall Horan’s “Nice To Meet Ya” and Rodeo Kittens in a Coffee Mug decided on “Dance Monkey,” by Tones and I. Both songs are highly danceable! The combination of working on brand new material, along with how much fun it is to play both of these songs, is leaving these bands with a high level of motivation and energy while they work to put them together.

Advanced Young Rockers bands are also adding new songs. Intergalactical is working hard on their new song “Sucker” by Jonas Brothers.  Meanwhile, 4 Times the Fun is learning “Something To Believe In,” by Young the Giant. Zachary pushed hard for them to add this song and is doing a great job taking on the singing. He’s hoping that once he masters the lead vocals, he will be able to join Joseph, Eddie, and Amalie by playing bass at the same time. It’s a lofty goal for this young band, and they are doing a great job meeting the challenge.

Music Theory and Songwriting classes, and individual lessons in guitar, bass, vocals, and piano are also continuing. IIM has added several new individual lesson students during the last two months, and those who have been ongoing are really excelling under the direction of our great instructors, Titus, Camela, Rick, and Rick. Ellie and Denim are really showing progress as they challenge themselves to compose songs, and Jonathan is working hard to understand the complexities of music theory, as he continues his preparation to audition for the Capital Area School for the Arts (CASA).

Quite a few IIM students have found that taking Music Theory classes with Rick Batley has helped to prepare them for the application process to audition for arts based educational programs like CASA.