Bands Are Having Fun and Challenges in the Studio

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The Penguin Apocalypse and Bucket Brigade took over the recording studio at Progressive Enterprises this week for their chance to feel all the fun and challenges that the rest of the IIM bands have experienced.

Each of these bands came into the studio with a recently added member, giving both of them an extra set of challenges in their preparations. The Penguin Apocalypse has spent the month of January preparing for their time in the studio by fine tuning vocal harmonies after Dom joined the group in December. He spent the two weeks leading up to the mid-year live shows, just learning the songs. Then he and Lilia worked hard in January to develop harmonies, while Quinn, Henry, and Nate got the rest of their sound tight.

The Bucket Brigade is now made up of five drummers who have created a mesmerizing display of their rhythmic talents, working with just sticks and plastic buckets. They, too, started the year with four members and added Eli in November. They all practiced diligently in order to get him integrated into their overall sound. On Tuesday night, they put it all together in the studio, in what will certainly be a highlight of the compilation CD.

Next week, and over the coming three weeks, a rotating group of all the bands will return to the studio to do final takes of their individual instrument recordings. Members who have finished their parts can join the rest of their bandmates in support of their ongoing work.

Meanwhile, all the Young Rockers, Advanced Young Rockers, Music Theory, Songwriting, and individual lessons will continue on a regular schedule. The younger bands are all adding new songs, which is one of their favorite things to do.