Band Photos, Program Ads, Show Dates, and CD Art

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All IIM band members had fun working together during their rehearsal times this week to stage their 2018-19 official photos.  Some of the bands even coordinated their outfits in advance in order to create a certain look. Every year, IIM features all our bands in year-end program booklets, which are distributed at the final Londonderry shows.

Advertisements in these booklets, purchased by our generous sponsors, help expand what IIM can offer to the community. If you want to place an ad or know of a business that might want to be a part of the IIM family, contact us at for more information.

Our end of year shows are now scheduled for May 28, June 2, June 4, June 9, June 10 and June 11. We are excited to add Cliff’s Tavern in New Cumberland to our list of performance venues this year, joining our regular locations at Midtown Tavern, Winners’ Circle at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, and Londonderry School.

Finally, Rockers who recorded songs in the studio are now working on CD artwork and liner notes to turn in to Habiba no later than April 16. Liner notes include band members’ names and the instruments they played on the recordings; song names, original artists, and copyright information for each song; and any acknowledgements that the band as a whole wants to mention. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing the finished CD!