Younger Students Move Up To Rockers Band

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One of the special aspects of the Immersed In Music program is that there are different band options for the various levels of ability. Last year, in addition to the Young Rockers and Rockers levels, IIM added Advanced Young Rockers and Rockers Prep bands in order to accommodate everyone in a way that allows them to be the most successful. Advanced Young Rockers get longer rehearsal times weekly and Rockers Prep groups get their first chance at a studio experience by recording one of their songs for the end of year compilation CD.

Those experiences are paying off as Henry, Timmy, and Quinn have now moved up and joined the ranks of older students, benefiting from the knowledge that Rockers’ veterans like Emily and Haley have gained in previous bands.

This band, “Woody’s Roundup,” is having success with their versions of “Santa Monica,” by Everclear and “American Idiot,” by Green Day. Timmy on bass and Quinn on drums have played in IIM Summer Camps, as well as last year’s Advanced Young Rockers, so they have already had a chance to work the bottom end together. Henry, on guitar, brings a wealth of experience from several years in Young Rockers bands and Summer Camps, along with a stint in last year’s Rockers Prep level. Emily and Haley were together two years ago as joint lead singers and are now working out harmonies with Emily doing backup vocals, while simultaneously developing her chops on the keyboard.

It is so exciting to watch the development of these students, who have gained valuable experience in the younger programs, move through the different levels and have success in a Rockers band. Keep an eye out for “Woody’s Roundup” in the coming year, as they continue to grow as musicians and mature as bandmates.