Young Rockers Bands Learn New Material and Rockers Prep Gets Ready for the Studio

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This week, IIM’s Young Rockers bands were hard at work learning new songs. Radioactive Warriors started learning the Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes,” which has some chord changes and rhythms that are more difficult than they have tackled in the past. Staff members worked individually and in small groups to help them learn what to do on their instruments of choice. Several members of this band have also asked for more challenging parts, and they are now adding those to some of their existing pieces.

Amplify Overload got to play together on “Black Sheep” by Metric after working individually last week. For the first time, they made it the whole way through. They are now actively discussing their fourth song.

The Advanced Young Rockers band Babies in Space, after practicing on their own at home for tryhardninja’s “In Real Life,” ran through the song together several times. They were so proud of themselves, and the song sounded so good, they asked to keep playing it over and over, just for the fun of it.

Finally, The Rockers Prep band The Anonymous Penguins practiced Nirvana’s “In Bloom” in preparation for their first ever experience in the recording studio next week. This beginning Rockers level gets to record one song, as compared to the three that the older students do, and they are very excited for this opportunity.