Young Rockers and Advanced Young Rockers Reconnect Online

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After our very successful launch of Immersed In Music’s online Rockers bands’ meetings last week, the Young Rocker and Advanced Young Rocker bands joined in on Monday using Google Meets, as IIM continues to expand its online operations.

Although still not able to rehearse songs while “socially distancing,” the younger band members, just like their older counterparts in the Rockers program, are enjoying getting together and reconnecting. This week, Habiba, Alex, and Anwar met with the Advanced Young Rockers and Young Rockers to lead them in talking about goals they can set for themselves to accomplish in the weeks to come.

Open Windows, Rodeo Kittens in a Coffee Mug, Intergalactical, and 4 Times the Fun spent a good part of their meeting in “fun” time, providing a much needed emotional outlet for the stress that most of our students are experiencing during this unusual situation we are all in. But they also talked about some things that would be beneficial musically. Rhythm exercises, listening activities, and music trivia games were just a few of the ideas that were kicked around.

With PA schools now completely shut down through the end of the school year, IIM’s staff is continuing to develop ways to keep the young musicians engaged with their instruments, and encouraging all the bands to get creative with what they can accomplish online. Until we have more information, the plan for now is for all the bands to continue to have weekly meetings and explore new avenues for them to challenge themselves musically, while still having fun together.