Immersed In Music is excited about its mission to teach students how to play music in a small group setting, experiencing the enjoyment, challenges, and growth that occur as a result of communicating, sharing, and learning with other musicians. Students will also be exposed to a broad range of music history and business opportunities as a way to discover their place in the world of music.

Immersed In Music offers the following courses:

Every Immersed in Music course is designed to bring out the best in all our students. We strive to use musical opportunities to develop their communication skills, to navigate the challenges of interpersonal relationships, and to build a solid work ethic, in addition to assisting them to become better musicians. Currently, our 10-month programs offer a Young Rockers and a Rockers programs.

Rockers Program

The primary goal of this program is to allow every child to succeed in a band environment. Through this experience, each student will learn communication in a one-to-one and a one-to-many setting, understand the different ways that musicians communicate, and have the tools to navigate effectively any musical discussion. Students also will be taught how to learn and play music in a band environment critical listening, music history, and equipment set-up, limits, and possibilities. Read more…

Young Rockers Program

The Young Rockers program is tailored for new young musicians. The goals are similar to the Rockers program, with the focus on learning how to work in a group, as well as improving as a musician. The Young Rockers course is designed with the intent to help younger musicians develop and hone the skills needed to succeed in the Rockers program, but at half the pace. This allows more individualized attention to each student, and removes a lot of the pressures a younger, less developed player might feel in the Rockers course. Read more…