Immersed In Music is excited to be offering a course in writing and grass roots publishing with a very practical purpose:  a magazine by students for their peers in the Central Pennsylvania area. It is our hope that this project will encourage, strengthen, and connect a budding local arts community as it continues to evolve. The monthly publication will give students practical experience in all aspects of putting out a magazine that will be posted online and distributed for free at regional outlets.

This course will give students direct instruction and hands on experience in how to write for a journalistic publication; brainstorm, research, and organize content of local interest; plan for and conduct interviews; write critical reviews; do peer editing and accurate proofreading; assign, shoot, and choose photographs; do digital layouts; and work with a printing company.

Although music will be the primary focus of the magazine, other community artistic endeavors like art exhibits, movie and video reviews, and dramatic performances will also be highlighted.  From a subject matter perspective, the emphasis will be on building and strengthening local community.

The course will be taught by IIM co-founder/co-director Rick Stevens, who was Editor in Chief of both his high school and college newspapers, along with Anwar Curtis, currently a writer for PennLive, and also an IIM staff member.

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Structure of the Course

The structure of the course varies from week to week. In a 2-hour session, the students will usually get together for up to 30 minutes of instruction, which could include outlining the goals for the day, as well as a lesson. Students will be given the opportunity to explore different areas of magazine production responsibility, and all participants will be encouraged to write a piece for each publication. The goal is to publish monthly.

Course Times and Fees

The program begins with orientation, in August or September and concludes in early June. A summer camp option will be offered in order to keep publication on an annual schedule. Sessions occur weekly in 2-hour blocks, on Mondays or Tuesdays between 6:30 and 8:30 pm, from mid-September until early June, except for a winter break in December.

Tuition for the year is $500 per student, payable in either a lump sum or split into 10 equal payments of $50, paid monthly during the first week of each month from August through May. There is a $50 materials fee due with your application, and new enrollees pay a one-time $25 application fee. Checks are to be made payable to “Immersed In Music.” Credit card payments can be made online through our website.

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For more information, please contact Rick Batley or Rick Stevens:, 717-592-0138 717-645-2150