image of young students performing on-stage as part of the Rockers Prep Program

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The primary goal of the Rockers Prep program is to prepare a child who is interested in entering the Rockers course to learn the tools needed in order to succeed in a band environment. Through this experience, each student will learn communication in a one-to-one and a one-to-many setting, understand the different ways that musicians communicate, and have the tools to navigate effectively any musical discussion. Rockers Prep students also are taught how to learn and play music in a band environment, to listen critically, to explore music history, and to understand equipment set up, limits and possibilities.

This course teaches students techniques of researching to find chord progressions, lyrics, tabs, and YouTube tutorials in order for them to teach themselves their individual parts of songs. It concentrates on developing communication skills among bandmates, so that learning a song together becomes a unifying experience. As they work through this process, they experience the benefits of working together, encouraging each other’s efforts with positive reinforcement.

Once the Rockers Prep bands have developed a number of possible songs (approximately 3-6) and honed them to the best of the students’ abilities, arrangements are made to take them into a recording studio in order to experience studio protocols, mixing, recording techniques, and the roles of everyone in a studio. Rockers Prep students select one of their songs to record in the studio, to be included on the year-end IIM compilation CD.

Rockers Prep bands play a live show on site before Winter break. The year’s program concludes with at least two public performances during which they play, along with other IIM bands.


The program is open to any student who meets the necessary level of instrument proficiency, and demonstrates the skills appropriate for that level. They should own their instrument and necessary equipment, transport it to and from sessions (if necessary), and be willing to practice regularly. They will also continue to work with their own private instructor.

Student Placement

Each student is assessed based upon an evaluation by Immersed In Music instructors (Rick Batley, Rick Stevens, Habiba Miller, and Wade Corbin) and grouped with other musicians accordingly. The evaluation is done by meeting individually with each student, having given them a variety of methods for learning a song (tab, sheet music, and listening) to determine which is (are) their preferred style(s). Evaluations last about 15 minutes per student, in a relaxed, informal setting, designed to encourage and reassure the student.

Structure of the Course

Rockers Prep students will meet weekly for an hour and a half. The structure of the course varies from week to week. The students will usually get together for instruction, learning skills such as outlining goals for the day and how to safely set up equipment. Emphasis is placed on being able to communicate effectively and to develop an understanding of how each musician looks at and expresses music, as well as on learning and rehearsing songs with their band.

Course Times and Fees

The program begins with orientation, placements and evaluations in August and early September of each year, and will conclude with at least two public performances in May and early June. Rehearsals will begin mid-September and operate once each week (except for a Winter break in December). Rehearsal times occur in a one and a half hour block on either Mondays or Tuesdays between 4:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., at a regularly scheduled time slot to be determined by the schedules of the band members.

When the bands enter the studio during the Spring (January through April), times vary based on studio scheduling. Studio sessions are scheduled between 4:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. four or five days per week during that time in order to accommodate all of the bands in the studio. Depending on the rotation for the studio schedule, students may have both a regular rehearsal and studio sessions during those weeks.

Tuition for the year is $1,100 per student, payable in either a lump sum or split into 10 equal payments of $110, paid monthly during the first week of each month from August through May. There is a $110 materials fee due with your application, and new enrollees pay a one-time $25 application fee. Checks are to be made payable to “Immersed In Music.” Credit card payments can be made online through our website.

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For more information, please contact Rick Batley, Habiba Miller or Rick Stevens:, 717-592-0138, 717-579-9052, 717-645-2150