image of students performing live on various musical instruments as part of the Advanced Young Rockers Program

Advanced Young Rockers is geared for the musician that is focused on one or two primary instruments, but still needs to grow with working in the band setting. The goals of this course focus on learning how to work better with the group, and on developing a better understanding of their chosen instruments. Advanced Young Rockers is set up to move at a faster pace than Young Rockers, but not yet at the pace of the Rockers course. Additionally, it allows for some limited individualized attention while in the full band setting, as well as in regular breakout sessions described below.

With this program, students will begin by learning to play a song from a pre-selected list. Additional songs will be chosen by the band and approved by the staff, based upon ability. This program is ideal for the young musician who is focused on one or two instruments. It will also provide an opportunity for the student who is struggling with their motivation to continue with their current instrument so that they can deepen their knowledge and grow with it.

IIM staff members for drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals are brought in as needed to focus on any specific help that arises with an individual instrument. On a weekly basis, at least two of the staff will be working with the band to guide them through rehearsals.

Instructors will also work with each student more closely in limited sessions on an individual or small group basis as needed, encouraging them to break down each song into small sections and work on those parts until they master them. Then, along with the other members of the group, they will piece those sections together into the whole song.

Additionally, students will be guided through the process of how to negotiate the selecting of songs, resolve the conflicts that arise out of this process, and coached on preparing for their performance of a live show. In all situations, they will be helped to navigate social interactions in a positive, assertive manner. Finally, they will have the opportunity for a mid-year in-house concert and at least two public performances at the end of the program (one in-house and one at an outside venue).

Course Times and Fees

Each weekly session will be one hour and 15 minutes long, at a regularly scheduled time slot to be determined by the schedules of the band members on either Mondays or Tuesdays. Rehearsals will begin mid-September and operate once each week (except for a Winter break in December). Advanced Young Rockers will conclude by opening for the bands in the Rockers program at two of their performances near the end of May to early June.

Tuition for the year is $950 per student, payable in either a lump sum or at $95 per month in the first week of each month from August through May (10 months). There is a $95 materials fee due with your application, and new enrollees pay a one-time $25 application fee. Checks are to be made payable to “Immersed In Music.” Credit card payments can be made online through our website.

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For more information, please contact Rick Stevens, Rick Batley, or Habiba Miller:, 717-645-2150, 717-592-0138, 717-579-9052