Are we pushing or pulling? Bringing it down or kicking it in? Walking all over it or letting it breathe? Who’s got the hook?  On the down or the up? In the studio or on the stage, communication can mean the difference between a cheering crowd and chirping crickets. If you’re a musician who doesn’t know what any of this lingo means… you need this course.

The class will highlight all the various musical nuances that hold a song together and will explore the importance and ways that bandmates communicate them in all musical situations. It will also delve into how to utilize these techniques in song composition. Throughout the class, students will get to interact with (and enjoy) Wade’s unique style of teaching!

Dates and Time: Tuesdays, November 9 – December 15, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Cash Price: $120.00 (total for the 6 Tuesdays)
Students: Ages 10 and above.  Minimum: 2 students, Maximum: 10 students
Instructor: Wade Corbin

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For more information, please contact Wade Corbin, Rick Stevens, or Rick Batley:

Wade Corbin at, (717) 525-4334, 717-645-2150, 717-592-0138

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