What Immersed In Music Teaches

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With the new program year underway, it’s important to remember what Immersed In Music is all about.

First and foremost, IIM is about having fun with music! If the process isn’t primarily enjoyable, musicians aren’t motivated to learn new songs, get along with their bandmates, or put in the sometimes hard work of practicing.

Outside practice is imperative in order for the rehearsal times to be productive. Therefore, the staff encourages each student to work with their personal instrument instructors to get the guidance they need to then go home and put in time practicing their parts. This is why the IIM staff members are always reminding the musicians that there is a difference between “practicing” (time on their own at home) and “rehearsing” (time with their bandmates putting all the individuals’ parts together). It is through this process that each student improves as a musician.

Forming a bond among band members happens when everyone is working together to achieve a collective goal. Learning to communicate on both musical and interpersonal levels is another part of what the program offers. This social aspect of IIM is encouraged and mentored under the watchful eyes of the staff, and is at the heart of each band’s success.

And in the end, the whole IIM experience comes back around to fun. When each musician is taking responsibility to do the outside work of preparing for rehearsals, as well as trying their best to understand how each member of their band approaches decision making and communication, work becomes fun and the satisfaction of producing music together becomes a highly motivating experience to succeed as a band.