Week16 1/11/17

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Practice. Practice. Practice.

With a holiday next week, Level 3&4 bands are in the throes of songwriting and studio prep. All of the remaining 3’s and 4’s will begin recording during January and February and their challenges are turning out to be many.  Several have decided to focus on fine tuning their cover songs to at least start to record 2 songs, while they continue to try to write at least one original. Reflecting Pool is still committed to recording all originals, but are still trying to push through writing blocks in both musical and lyrical content. It looks like they will be recording 5 originals.

Rockers 1&2 bands are finishing their third songs and beginning conversations about what needs to be tightened in preparation for the studio. At tear down, they also reviewed the proper method to wrap and stack cords in order to avoid making “spaghetti.” (This is another area where bands are encountering frustration, as they have to deal with the way in which their storage bins are left by the previous day’s bands.)

Sound Engineering students  spent time this week mixing songs from the December performances. This will be part of a mid-term project for Isa, who was part of IIM’s Digital Media program in 2015-16.  

Meanwhile, IIM’s Drum Ensemble is breaking down the second half of Stairway to Heaven as part of their set of Led Zeppelin covers.