Week 8 11/9/16

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Midway to Mid-Year

All bands from our youngest to our most advanced rockers are in the process of prepping for Mid-Year Performances. Many have settled on a band name, established their set list and begun rehearsing their performance order (including intros and banter!) Young Rocker bands have now finished learning the basics of  their second song and are focused on working out the kinks in their mid-year prep.

Rockers “Revoke” and “Reflecting Pool” had productive rehearsals this week with a focus on songwriting. Eli, Lucas and Sean started with a jam and proceeded to work out a structure with each band member contributing their own parts. Next step: the band will work on fleshing out lyrics and adding some dynamics in the coming weeks. Reflecting Pool worked from a riff and stepped through theory: what chords would work well? What works lyrically? By the end of rehearsal they had a rough structure to continue to build on.. Both bands, however, are finding that songwriting is much harder than they thought: it takes good internal communication and a combination of clear focus along with letting go and trying lots of diverse musical ideas. They are also learning that being overly critical at the creation stage can be a real block to the overall process.