Week 7 11/2/16

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Digital Sound Board and Drum Ensemble!

Big changes were afoot this week as Sound Engineering students had their first opportunity to work with IIM’s new digital sound board. Sound Engineering students ran through the layers of the board including the main mix, 7 auxiliary sends, 4 effects per channel, a graphic equalizer on each mix and a parametric equalizer, compression set and gate on each channel. Isa and Henry’s solid understanding of the analog board translated well to the digital, which will allow greater functionality as well as the ability to record and mix bands in rehearsal. Rockers 3C was hard at work on their second song, My Name is Mud, by Primus while Rockers 3A worked out most of the details of a Door’s medley including Touch Me, Light My Fire, and Break on Through.

This week marked the first rehearsal for our drum ensemble. They worked on Kashmir as part of a Led Zeppelin tribute and will add Black Dog next week. Each drummer carries a separate piece of the rhythm. Although this is the first time they’ve played together they did a great job of keying into each other to keep the rhythm steady.

In Business Class, students are busy snapping pictures for their bands’ social media promotion and researching potential venues for booking their own shows. Sound Engineering students are mixing an original song by one of our Level 4 bands they recorded in rehearsal last week.