Week 6

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As October winds down, we welcome Davin Keck, who has signed on as a Rockers 1&2 guitarist (with Eli, Hanna, Joshua and Ella), in addition to already being a Rockers 3 vocalist (with the band that is now called “Mango Marauders”).  Alex of the Mango Marauders is also helping out as bassist with Caroline, Jessica, Hank, Rusty and Jackson. Also, welcome to Mandi Hall, who has rounded out the Rockers 3 Library band as a vocalist.  She has also taken on the challenge of learning bass guitar, at which she is turning out to be a natural! Finally, we welcome Kyrie George as our Digital Media instructor and his first student, Isa Miller. Check out our Facebook page for some of Isa’s great photographic work. (He took that wonderful “red shoes” picture!)  We will continue to feature Isa’s work throughout the year.

Young Rockers have all moved onto their second songs: YRA is doing “Hard Days’ Night” by the Beatles; YRB has begun “Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd; and YRC (the girls!) are doing Katy Perry’s “Firework.”  They have switched instruments for these songs and are all moving fast to make them their own. Great job!!

Rockers 3 bands: Lots of work on both originals and on covers. Sam’s original is really coming along, and the addition of Mandi to this band is already showing great dividends. Mango Marauders keep adding new songs. They are so self-motivated! Look Out for the Train is doing Cage the Elephant’s “Aberdeen,” which is sounding really good. They are struggling with their original. Everyone is finding that it is much harder to write than they originally thought.

Rockers 1&2 bands: These bands are discovering some of the challenges of being in a band, and learning how to work through them. Song selection is a challenge, as they all are adding songs to their repertoire. After much discussion, Caroline, Jessica, et al have begun to add the Chilli Peppers’ “Dani California.” Hanna, Eli, et al have settled on the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” And Pangea is moving on to the big summer hit “Shut Up and Dance.”

All our thoughts and best wishes go out to Jolie, who has been in the hospital. We miss you and eagerly await your return! Feel better soon!

As Dave Kelly said in his notes: “All in all, it was a really inspiring week, as all of the bands are showing signs of progressing. Great to see!”

Finally, a note on the Live Sound Engineering class, happening on Wednesday afternoons:

“The Sound Reinforcement class with Garrett and Henry is going great!  We’ve been fortunate to have a QSC digital board to work with, and they’re both really doing well with both the operation of the boards and sound concepts in general (eq, compression, effects, etc.)”Way to go everyone!