Week 5 10/19/16

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90% Perspiration…

How do Rockers 3 & 4 bands go about writing original material? The process can be intimidating for any first time songwriter, and several bands are approaching their writing collaboratively. This week Rockers 4A  (“The Watergate”) spent some time jamming to break out of their typical rhythm. Instructors encouraged one of the members to play something original and draw other band members in to play along. The band then broke things down and decided whether elements of the jam could serve as a launching point for a song. Meanwhile, Rockers 4B  worked with instructors on methods to elicit emotional impact  – for example, putting more space and breathing room in a song that is intended to sound angry. Among Level 3 Rockers, 3B embarked on a truly collaborative songwriting process for the first time this week in addition to beginning work on their second cover, Miss Jackson by Panic at the Disco.