Week 4 in Review

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In our first four weeks this year we have already seen a lot of growth from the kids! We have had our normal amount of frustrations but every band is clearly focused on what they need to do! Week 4 marked the end of the first round of mini classes so all of the students now understand how to set up the gear in their rooms, how the storage closet must be packed, what the first steps of putting together their cd packages entail and how they should approach booking their shows.  All of the bands can make it through their first song and have already started working on their second. They have learned how to research the material and quickly learn their part so the band can run through the section or sections of the song they are learning.  The students have also learned at this point how to identify what they individually and as a group need to work on for the upcoming week.  The clock is ticking, and they know that, only 28 classroom hours left until they start in the studio!  The kids are all working at a pace I am so proud of, their retention of what they are learning still surprises all of use and their communication skills have, for the most part, far exceeded all of our expectations! Some of the bands will need to learn at least one more song and some of the bands are expected to learn three more.  We all know this is a lot but we also know these kids can do it!