Week 29 4/18/17

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All bands are now hard at work preparing for their May/June live performances. Excitement is beginning to build as they try different configurations of their set lists to see which order they like for presenting their songs and what kind of on stage banter they want to include in their interactions with the audience. The Young Rockers and Rockers 1&2 levels, in particular, are learning about the need to balance nervousness and excitement to find the right energy for their performances. Many of these students have only the December show experience for reference on what it will feel like to be performing in front of a large group of people.
This coming week, April 24 and 25, all bands will be posing for band photos to be used in our June 5 and June 6 Londonderry shows’ programs. Isa Miller, an IIM Digital Media student, will be taking the pictures. Band members spent time this week discussing how they want to dress, and where and how they want to pose. Young Rockers, in particular, have really gotten into the plans for how they want to present themselves!
Finally, all bands spent time this week finalizing their art work, doing song credit research and writing “Thank You’s” for their CD liner notes. This was due this week and, in true Rock and Roll tradition, many were scrambling at the deadline to finish and submit their work. But, also in true Rock and Roll tradition, they all pulled it off and Kathy Kelly, Dave’s wonderful wife, will now have everything she needs to lay out the CD booklet. CDs will be released in time for our first show at the Midtown Tavern on Tuesday, May 16, and will be available for purchase at all IIM shows.
Because of the number of bands who recorded this year (9 overall) we are releasing a double CD. As always, band members will split any profit that is made after production costs have been recouped.