Week 27 4/4/17

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Mixing, Preparing CD Art and Notes and Levels 3 and 4 Back in the Studio

Level 1 and 2 Rocker bands are finishing their 3 songs in the recording studio and are now learning the process of mixing–listening to all recorded tracks and making adjustments to volume, EQ and compression levels, as well as deciding on which sounds work best at different parts of a song. Band members are getting to work on mixing with the engineering students, who are getting a chance to have hands on experience at making these adjustments.
All Rockers bands are also hard at work developing their own CD art, as well as writing any band notes they want to include in the soon to be produced double CD, which will be available for purchase at their area live performances in May and June.
Finally, the Level 3 and 4 bands are now back at work in the studio finishing the songs they began back in January and early February. Many of them have had an opportunity to compose original songs by now and several of these are in the process of being recorded for the CD. Once, their recording and mixing sessions are complete, “Le Drum Ensemble” will get their opportunity to record the Led Zeppelin medley that they have put together.
Another great week!!