Week 25 3/22/17

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Adding Songs, and the Reality of the Studio

The last several weeks have been extremely productive for a number of reasons.

All the Young Rocker bands have chosen, and begun adding, a fourth song. As always, this can be a challenging process as they have to work together, compromise and negotiate with each other to get both the best song for their group and to choose the right instrument for themselves. The staff guides them through this process, but, at this point in the year, much of it happens as a result of the experience they have gained from working together for 7 months.

The Rockers bands have all now experienced the rewards, frustrations, and challenges of working in the studio. As one Rocker who is new to the process this year said this week, “You have to be REALLY prepared when you go there.” No amount of discussion really prepares them for how different the studio experience is from the live performance one.

Meanwhile, the Sound Engineering students are also working in the control room, hands directly on the recording equipment, and doing a great job!

Finally, the Drum Ensemble has decided on their name, “Le Drum Ensemble!” (spoken with a strong French accent!) and a final (what promises to be a show stopper) song to end their Led Zepplin tribute.