Week 21 2/15/17

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More new songs and coming together as a band!

Young Rockers have been doing so well with their third songs that they are beginning to pick fourth ones. This is a big area where these bands learn how to gel as a group. They often struggle to agree, and once they do, they need to compromise on choosing instruments. Communication and learning to think in terms of what is best for the band begin here.

Rockers 1 and 2 bands have now begun in the studio! Metrognomes was in last week and in two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) got drums, bass, some guitar and most keyboards recorded for two of their songs. Last Light was in this week and also did an awesome job.

As with the Level 3 bands before them, the studio is proving to be a huge factor in cementing the members of each band into a more cohesive, functional unit. They learn that listening to and supporting each other solidifies their sound.

And. . . Reflecting Pool has finished their 5 originals and will begin cutting their tracks on Sunday and Monday! This trio has had their challenges, but, through hard work on their own, during rehearsals (often during extra weekend times) and with support from instructors, they have produced some great new creative music!