Week 2

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All three Young Rockers bands are off to a strong start.  We were aiming to have them walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment on the first day – and it worked! :)  With guidance, each of the groups did really well with coming together, choosing a song and instruments, and getting through the first part of their song.

The Rockers 3 bands are a mix of students from the past two years as well as some new students who are ready for the challenge. They all did well with coming together and getting started.  And the “new” group (Sam, Emily and Ethan) really seemed to hit it off well.

The Rockers 1&2 bands went really well, too. The Library band decided to go with Van Halen’s “Jump,” after some internal discussion about how to handle instruments. Noah will handle the bass work on keyboards, and Yusuf and Jolie will work together as vocalists. Jackson, of course, is the drummer extraordinaire! Eli, Joshua, Ella, and Hanna got started on the Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Caroline, Jessica, Hank, Rusty and Jackson worked on “Anklebiters.”