Week 12 12/7/16

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Live performance practice and into the studio…

This week was about last minute adjustments and fine-tuning as bands ran through their set lists.  Young Rocker bands “The Cookies” and “Bad Direction” worked on holding their timing through transitions as well as adding some vocal dynamics (making some parts softer and some parts stronger). Tuesday Young Rockers bands “The Rocks and the Rollers” and “Crazy Bob Dabbing the Block” also worked on timing as well as practicing a clean ending to their songs.

“Charlemagne” got a late start to the year, but has worked hard to master two songs: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 as well as a Door’s medley. “Canadian Americans” has been rehearsing Two Princes by Spin Doctors and Miss Jackson by Panic At the Disco.

Level 4 Rockers “The Watergate” had seven (!) original songs prepped for the studio last week. Drummer Patrick laid down all seven tracks in one marathon recording session last week, and bassist Alex cut all seven bass tracks this week. The band set a goal of releasing an EP of original music in early 2017. The hard work they put into studio prep has put them well on the way!

In preparation for live performances, Studio Engineering students  assembled an amp rack and made audio connections to the speakers. They created a stage plot and input list, talked about monitor mixes, load-in order and came up with a set-up plan in order to have the stage and equipment rehearsal-ready for next week’s run through