Week 11

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We spent time with all Young Rockers and Rockers bands talking about the need to prep for the December show. Many bands are now in active discussion about naming their band, or have already settled on one.
YR bands are all settling into practicing their two songs as a show, practicing introductions of both song titles and band members, and changing instruments carefully and quietly. This has proven to be a new concept for them and has been a great learning experience. We are really proud of all three groups. They have faced many challenges over the last 2-1/2 months and have all gelled nicely into fully functioning bands.
Mango Marauders continued to work very hard. In spite of the fact that they were missing Patrick and Davin this week, Graham shifted his keyboard settings and used his left hand to play drums, and they just continued to work. It was great! They are definitely going to be ready.
Look Out for the Train has undergone a change: Olivia has decided to continue on as a solo writer and performer, and the rest of the band will work as a trio. As we have said many times, our program is based on real life musicians, and this change is as common as any when working with bands. Our best to them as they pursue these new challenges.
The R3 Library band began fine tuning this week. They have discussed timing issues and all are open to working on them. Sam continues to take charge and Mandi is speaking openly about concerns she is noticing. If only all the bands could demonstrate this kind of communication.  :)
Rockers 1&2 bands: These guys now all have names:  Pangea, who named themselves earlier (Yusuf, Jolie, Noah and Jackson B); Sonar (Hanna, Ella, Joshua, Eli and Davin.); and Forgotten Souls (Caroline, Jessica, Jackson, Rusty, Hank and Alex V), who have now welcomed the help of Noah (from Mango Marauders) on guitar.  Sonar has added the 21 Pilots’ song, “Tear in My Heart,” and they’re doing a great job! Everyone’s focus is now in full “show prep” mode.