We Have Names. . . And More Songs!!!

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More than half of the IIM bands now have chosen names. . . and there are some interesting ones!!

Two of our Young Rockers bands have settled on “The Radioactive Warriors” and “Amplify Overload (very appropriately named, by the way!!). Advanced Young Rockers is now “Babies in Space” and Rockers Prep is “The Question.” Several Rockers bands include “Sensation,” “Present Expression” (formerly “Charlemagne”), and the still to be finalized, “Bob and The Builders.”

Groups also continue to take on new songs, with 2 Nirvana songs being chosen (“In Bloom” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”), “Move Along” by All American Rejects, “In the Garage” by Weezer, and “The Man” by The Killers. A few of the Rockers bands are also beginning to talk about experimenting with some original song writing.

Our Digital Media program also got off the ground this week with Kyrie organizing a photo shoot of Rick Batley doing a guitar “training video” which will become part of a larger series by individual members of the staff on tips relating to their specific instruments.

And the Drum Ensemble added two new members this week, bringing the Ensemble to a group of 4. They began learning the first composition for their “Star Wars” medley.