Tuesday’s Young Rockers Are Off and Running

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“The Crazy Dragonettes,” Tuesday’s Young Rockers band, are off to a great start with their first song “Budapest,” by George Ezra. Josie, Samantha, Luke, Zachary, Raina,and Amalie are all brand new to the Immersed In Music program and are super excited to be underway.

Amalie is an amazing drummer, but she chose to play keys to start, while Zachary is really into playing bass for the first time. Josie and Samantha are singing enthusiastically and Raina is keeping a solid beat on drums. Luke, who just joined two weeks ago, is loving the guitar. They have had so much fun putting together their first song, and have also experienced the challenges of working, listening, and making decisions together.

They have worked together so well in the first month that they are already putting their listening and decision making skills to use as they tackle choosing their second song. With the second song, everyone changes instruments, so they get to experiment and see what other musical directions they might like to pursue.

This band has room for one more person, so contact us at info@immersedinmusic.com if your child would like to be part of this adventure. It’s not too late to join the band and be ready to play a live show in December.