Time Running Out to Enroll Before August 7 Orientation

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Looking for the chance to play music, have fun with old and new friends, record in a studio, and perform in live shows? Immersed in Music offers all these opportunities as part of their many Rockers, Drum Ensemble and Sound Engineering courses and classes.

If you’re a student just beginning in music, try Young Rockers or Advanced Young Rockers in order to experiment with learning the basics of different instruments, while having fun in a band setting. If you’re a student that has settled on a primary instrument, there is also the Rockers Prep course, in which the pace of the program allows lesser experienced musicians to find success, while still receiving most of the benefits of the more advanced Rockers curriculum. Drummers may want to join the Drum Ensemble to expand your experience with different percussion instruments.

Enrollments are now open for the 2018-19 Course Year. Go now to www.immersedinmusic.com to read about Young Rockers, Advanced Young Rockers, Rockers Prep, Rockers, Drum Ensemble, Sound Engineering and Video Production courses, as well as classes in Live and/or Studio Engineering, Songwriting, and Music Theory. Sign up and pay the appropriate materials fee to hold a space in any of this year’s programs. Orientations will be at 6:00pm on Tuesday, August 7 or Monday, August 20 at Londonderry School, 1800 Bamberger Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17110.