The Studio Experience Begins This Coming Monday, January 20th…

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Immersed In Music is once again thrilled to be able to work with owner Joe Trojcak’s staff at Progressive Enterprises Sound Studio in Elizabethtown, PA, to provide our students with the chance to learn how to work in a first class recording studio.

Progressive Enterprises gives all the students an opportunity for a whole new level of professionalism, working with recording engineer Jay Kirssin. Jay has 40+ years of experience behind the boards working with an incalculable number of artists. Rockers band members will get to spread out and experience the challenges and rewards of working in a larger environment.

Beginning this coming Monday and Tuesday, and continuing for the next three weeks, each band will get to work with Jay and Wade to lay down the basic drum tracks for each of the three songs they will be recording. After that, and continuing until all the work is completed at the end of February, two different bands will get recording time each night that the studio is available to us.

We can’t wait to hear the amazing results of their time in the studio and are so excited for all six¬† bands to get their time to shine in this incredible facility.