The Studio Begins in Spite of the Weather and New Faces in IIM!

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Monday brought snowy, icy conditions that closed Immersed in Music for the day, but Dakota and Madison from the band Lemonade braved the weather conditions and made it to the studio to begin their work with studio owner/IIM staff member Dave Kelly. With drum instructor Wade Corbin on hand to coach, Dakota got all three of his drum tracks finished in record time, giving all the other band members the opportunity to spend the rest of the week laying down their parts.

By week’s end, they had all gotten a chance to experience the excitement, pressures and feelings of satisfaction that come with successfully cutting their parts on several of the songs. They will return to the studio to finish the tracks after the other Rocker bands have had their full week. This will enable Lemonade to fine tune lead lines and vocal harmonies, as well as experiment with adding other sonic layers. Next up is GEHM, with Maddy cutting her drum tracks beginning on Monday.

Tuesday rehearsals brought a return to normalcy and all bands got back to learning new songs. Tuesday also marked the first day for new staff member Anwar Curtis, who worked alongside Habiba Miller helping Babies in Space and Amplify Overload get started on new material. Babies in Space has chosen “In Real Life” by Tryhardninja and Amplify Overload began learning “Black Sheep” by Metric.

Tuesday was also the day IIM welcomed David Rivera and Sonia Manchorov into the program. Sonia joined Amplify Overload and David has come into Charlemagne. David brings additional song writing potential along with his keyboard abilities and they spent time experimenting with some new original material possibilities.